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Library Support During COVID-19

Information about library services and resources including streaming videos, images, instructor materials, special publisher offers, and more to help professors pivot online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Connect to the Library

There are many ways to access the library's articles, books, videos, and other sources wherever you are. The tips on this page help you make sure you are recognized as someone who can use those sources!

Accessing from MCPHS Smart Search

Sign in to access the books and articles MCPHS has. Click 'MCPHS Member" and sign in with your MCPHS username and password.

Click "MCPHS Member?" and sign in with your MCPHS username and password.

Connect Google Scholar and MCPHS

  1. Go to Google Scholar 
  2. What you see on your page depends a bit on your screen's size:
    • You may need to click on a menu button " " 
    • You may need to click on More
  3. Click on Settings " "
  4. Click on Library Links
    Library Links in drop down menu.
  5. Search for mcphs.You can add links for up to 5 libraries.
  6. Select MCPHS - Get Full Text (MCPHS)Check box for "Get Full Text (MCPHS)"
  7. Click Save. Save button plus alert: To retain settings, you must turn on cookies.

Now when you search, you'll see Get Full Text (MCPHS) next to your search results - click on it to get the article through the Library.

" "

Use LibKey Nomad

Download the LibKey Nomad browser extension to connect to the library's resources right from the publisher's page.

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