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*Public Health

Use the websites below to find out even more about Public Health. Search for data, find professional organizations, and more.
On this page you will see information about public health on social media. Use social media, such as Twitter or Instagam, to stay aware of current topics of interest. The information should be fact-checked. Use this page for current awareness, not as a source for your homework assignments.


Twitter uses brief messages to share updates, thoughts, and pictures with the world. Follow accounts from public health organizations (such as the ones listed on this page) or run searches for different tags to see what people are talking about.

You can find many more public health organizations on Twitter. 


Facebook is a place to post longer messages, videos, pictures, and more. Check the links in this section for posts from a few public health organizations. Many organizations not listed in this section also have Facebook pages.


Instagram is a place to share pictures. Click on a picture to see a description of the picture and related ideas.

Current Tweets

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