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INF 330: Advanced Research Skills

This guide expands on the topics you've explored in INF 330: Advanced Research Skills

How to Use Find a Journal

1. Start your search on the MCPHS Libraries' homepage:


2. Click on Journals, type (or copy & paste) the journal title and click Search.

3. The results are all our journals that match your search:

4. If we have access to the journal, you will get links (access options) underneath Full Text Access.

Librarian Tip: Be sure to note the dates/years that are available, and click on the one that includes the year of the article you're looking for.

5. When you click on the link sign in with your MCPHS username and password if prompted.

What Do I Do if We Don't Have the Journal I Want?

1. Check if the article is available through Google Scholar. (Google Scholar works article-by-article, rather than including whole journal issues.) 

If that doesn't work:

2. Click on the Interlibrary Loan tab found on the MCPHS Libraries' homepage 

3. Select Request Journal Articles and Book Chapters and fill in all the citation and contact information. 

Librarian Tip: Barring unusual circumstances, all articles will be e-mailed to patrons. We receive the majority of articles within three business days. If you need the article sooner, click Ask a Library Question to work with a librarian on additional search strategies and approaches.

What if it Says We Have The Journal, But I Cannot Get It?

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Get Help - this will bring you our FAQs as well as several ways to get in touch with a librarian for assistance.

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