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BrowZine: Using BrowZine

What BrowZine is, how to download it, and how to use it.

Two Ways to Use BrowZine

There are two ways you can use BrowZine. You can download the app to your smartphone or tablet. Or, you can use BrowZine Web anywhere you have internet access.

Your Bookshelf

See your favorite journals right away.  

Add up to 64 journals to your Bookshelf.  You will see the most recent issue MCPHS has.  Journals with newly released issues will be marked with a colored dot.

Adding Journals

Choose the journals you want to see.

Search for a title you want. OR browse for a title you want.
1. Type the title in the search box. 1. Touch "BrowZine Library."
2. Touch the journal you want. 2. Touch "Subjects."
3. Touch "Add to My Bookshelf." 3. Choose a subject that interests you.  Journals will be grouped by category.
4. Find the shelf with the category you want.
5. Swipe side to side to see all titles on the shelf in that category.
6. Touch the journal you want.
7. Touch "Add to My Bookshelf."

Using Older Issues

Read any issue we have.

You can find older articles too.  Just go to the list of back issues!

1. Go to the journal you want.
2. Touch "Back Issues."
3. Touch the issue you want.

Reading Articles

Find articles that interest you.

Open any journal to see the table of contents for the most recent issue.  Touch the article you want to read.

Saving Articles

Save an article for later.

Save articles you do not have time to read or that you want to re-read later.
1. Touch the picture of a box with an arrow (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch) or the three vertical dots (Android.)
2. Touch "Save Article."

When you want to go back to it:
1. Touch "Saved Articles."
2. Touch the one you want.

Exporting Citations

Send the citation to a citation manager.

1.Touch the picture of a box with an arrow (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch) or the three vertical dots (Android.)
2. Touch the option you want.
3. Sign into your account for that system.
4. You should now see your citation in that system. Move it wherever you wish.



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