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Graphic Medicine

2020 NEGM Virtual Conference

The 2020 New England Graphic Medicine (NEGM) Conference was sponsored by the MCPHS University Center for Health Humanities (CHH) with support from the Network of the National Library of Medicine, New England Region (NNLM, NER). Originally planned to take place on the MCPHS Boston campus, the conference was held virtually March 26 through March 28. Video recordings of conference events can be found below along with sketch notes for each presentation.

March 26 - Opening Remarks

Opening remarks with A. David Lewis, NEGM Organizer; Sarah Levin-Lederer, NEGM Co-host; Richard Kaplan, Dean of MCPHS University Library & Learning Resources; Michael Spooner, Dean of MCPHS University School of Healthcare Business; and Carol-Ann Farkus, Co-director of CHH.

March 27 - Keynote with Brian Fies

Keynote with Brian Fies, creator of Mom's Cancer and A Fire Story.

March 27 - Panel A: Coronavirus Discussion

Coronavirus discussion panel with Darren Taichman, pulmonary and critical care physician and executive editor of Annals of Internal Medicine, and Alice Jaggers, medical librarian.

March 27 - Workshop A: Making Mental Health Comics

Workshop - Experience, Process, and Papercuts: Making Mental Health Comics with creators Ned Barnett and Liz Bolduc.

*Ned Barnett previously went by Beth Barnett, and now uses he/him pronouns.

March 28 - Panel B: Minding Graphic Medicine's Rise

Panel on minding graphic medicine's rise with Matthew Noe, librarian at Harvard Medical School; creator Cathy Leamy; and cartoonist Maria Photinakis.

March 28 - Workshop B: Cultivating Healthy Artistic Practices

Workshop - Drawing through Depression & Cultivating Healthy Artistic Practices with creator Laura Lee Gulledge.

March 28 - Workshop C: The Opposite of Silence

Workshop - The Opposite of Silence: A Deep Dive into a Comic about the AIDS Crisis and the Echoes of Empathy with cartoonist/editor J.D. Lunt.

March 28 - Panel D: Pushing Boundaries

Panel on Pushing Boundaries with Christopher McGunnigle of Seton Hall University and cartoonist Ian Sampson.

March 28 - Closing Remarks

Closing remarks with A. David Lewis, NEGM Organizer; Sarah Levin-Lederer, NEGM Co-host; Alice Jaggers, medical librarian; Matthew Noe, librarian at Harvard Medical School; and sketch note artist Sandy Bartholomew.

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