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Educational Technology Tools (for Librarians)

Educational Technology Tools

This is a list of educational technologies available through MCPHS and free online. These are by no means the only tools available, but rather tools that the institution supports and/or MCPHS librarians have used or are currently using. Use this guide to explore content creation tools as you build digital learning objects for Research Guides, Blackboard content, and other online locations.‚Äč

Tools available through MCPHS

Tools freely available Online

Lightboard Recording

MCPHS has Lightboard recording studios on both the Boston and Worcester campuses for producing instructional video lectures. A Lightboard enables instructors who are used to writing on whiteboards during their lectures to produce videos for online courses with a similar style. 

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Studio Recording Options

  • Split Screen Camera + Desktop
    Records a video of yourself lecturing, your desktop content and PowerPoint slides.
  • Split Screen Lightboard with frosted glass
    Records a video of yourself lecturing, and your PowerPoint slides projected on on frosted glass so that you can annotate it with the fluorescent markers.
  • Direct Camera Recording
    Records a video of just yourself, no other content.
  • Lightboard Only Recording
    Records a video of yourself and any writing on the lightboard.


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