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Best Practices in Caring for the Deaf Patient

This guide offers medical professionals information to understand Deaf culture and identify resources (databases, books, web sites, and more) to continue research topics in this subject.

Recommended Databases for Research


Use the following keywords in a keyword (AND, OR, NOT) search:

  • clubs AND deaf
  • culture AND deaf
  • deafness AND "social aspects"
  • "social environment" AND deaf
  • "social psychology" AND deaf
  • "united states" AND deaf AND history 

To find more specific aspects of ASL, try adding a word for that aspect to your Keyword (AND/OR/NOT) search. Some examples are:

  • "american sign language" AND communication
  • "american sign language" AND children AND deaf
  • "american sign language" AND education AND deaf
  • "american sign language" AND history


Other Resources

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