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Librarian Search Tip

This is a guide to finding dissertations and theses, mostly online. Use these resources to locate dissertations and theses from the United States, around the world, and MCPHS.

Finding dissertations and theses that are related to the topic you're starting to research is a great way to get to know the field, experts and existing research. They're also a really useful window into what a finished, published dissertation or theses looks like - both what you want to do and what you may decide to avoid. While there probably won't be anything exactly on your topic, there may be work that is closely related or has overlapping citations. Your standard article search methods will work here, just use the limiters to focus on just disserations/theses

If you don't find what you are looking for or need help navigating this guide, don't hesitate to contact your librarian!

Locating MCPHS Dissertations & Theses in Smart Search

Follow these steps to limit your search results to the MCPHS Thesis Collection:

  1. Search for in MCPHS Smart Search
  2. Set your limits to Source Types: Dissertations/Theses and Library - FLO: Mcphs Print

" "

That's it - now you're looking at our Thesis Collection. Please note: all MCPHS theses are held in print. If you are an MCPHS student and you want to read a digital scan of an MCPHS thesis, contact your librarian.

Institutional Repository - Theses & Dissertations

MCPHS has recently started an online Institutional Repository where you can access scholarly publications by students and faculty, as well as other publications. When you want to read an MCPHS thesis or dissertation, you can check here to see if it's been digitized. 

Search Suggestions:

  • Browse the Theses and Dissertations Collection - it's organized by year of publication.
  • Search the Institutional Repository by keyword and then narrow down to the Thesis/Dissertation collection

Writing a Thesis? Get Organized!

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