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Impact Metrics

What Are Impact Metrics

Impact metrics are numerical indicators of the impact of research output. They are calculated based on the number of times a publication has been cited by, mentioned in, or otherwise interacted with in various media.

Why Measure Impact?

Impact metrics can be helpful in determining which publications to publish your research. Additionally, determining the impact of a particular piece of scholarship and your work overall can be helpful in demonstrating the importance of your research for the scholarly community, a key factor in accessing academic positions, promotions, and grants. Finally, it can serve as a benchmark for your career progress!

Impact Metrics Tutorials

The MCPHS Library has put together tutorials on accessing the impact metrics found on two of the most popular databases: SCOPUS and Google Scholar. Take a look to find out how you can use these metrics on each of these sites!

SCOPUS Tutorial

This video looks at how SCOPUS displays impact metrics for authors, journals, and articles.

Google Scholar Tutorial

This video looks at how Google Scholar displays impact metrics for authors and journals.

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