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Resources and tools for students preparing to write about their research. Get help finding and managing all of the sources you use in your paper.

Using a Citation Manager

We encourage you to use a citation manager (either Zotero or another platform) to save and organize your sources, so that you can focus your energy on other parts of your literature review and research processes. 

This page focused on a Zotero activity for this course. Visit our Zotero Guide for set up and use instructions.

Zotero Practice Activity

Whether you’re brand new to using Zotero or you’re an expert-level user, practice is always a useful way to integrate a tool into your research process. This activity is an opportunity to focus on using Zotero without the added pressure of finding and synthesizing sources.

Estimated time: 20 minutes
If you find this activity is taking significantly longer than the estimated time, or you're get stuck, overwhelmed, or have a question please stop working on it and email one of your librarians for assistance.   


  • Download the demonstration paper (DemonstrateZotero.docx) below. 
  • Use the links below to get to four sources and then add them to your Zotero Library.
  • Use Zotero (hint: use the guide) to add in-text citations and a reference list to the demonstration paper. 
  • Save your version of the demonstration paper as YourLastName_DemonstrateZotero.docx.
  • Post your demonstration paper to the (DISCUSSION FORUM) with any questions/comments that came up as you worked on it so that your librarians can answer them.  

Links to Sources

Demonstration Paper

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