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A guide to using the MCPHS Writing Center including how to set up an appointment, what to expect during your session, and how to use the Audio and Video Functions in MyWCOnline

How can I make an appointment?

1. The first step is to Register for an account at using your university email address

2. Once you have registered, you may log into the Writing Center Schedule. You will see a screen showing the tutors and their availability. Appointments are hour-long blocs. You can select future weeks at the top of the page, under the current date range.

WAITLIST: If you do not see an appointment that matches your availability, you can sign up for the waitlist (under "Area Tools" on the upper right side of the window).

Making an Online Appointment

MCPHS students may reserve online Writing Center appointments. These appointments require access to a desktop or laptop computer with a strong internet connection. Once the tutoring session begins, you may choose to proceed via text-only chat, audio-only, or with video. If you would like to use the audio/video options, please see the "Using Audio and Video Functions" section of this guide.

1. Once you have logged into the Writing Center schedule at, you may select an available appointment (white box). Tutors who are available for online appointments will have "Online" after their name. Once you click on the white box on the day and time that you'd like your appointment, a pop-up window will open. In the middle of the pop-up appointment form is the question “Meet Online?” From that window, select “Yes – Schedule Online Appointment” and enter your course, instructor, what you'd like to work on, and any attachments (e.g., a rubric, the assignment, your draft):

The appointment form window displays with options

2. Approximately five minutes prior to your appointment, log back into the appointment schedule and open your appointment that appears in yellow. Click on the red “Start or Join Online Consultation” link in the center of the appointment form: 

The appointment form window displays with options

3. A new window will open. The large space on the left is the text editing screen, and the right side of the screen has a narrow column that allows you to chat with the tutor. If you choose a video appointment, the video screens will appear to the left (see "Using Audio and Video" section).

Screenshot of the "WCONLINE Online Consultation" window. The window has two sections. The left side has a text editing space. The right-hand column has a text chat between the user and the tutor.

4. You will be instructed to upload your draft. You can either copy your text and paste it into the screen to the left, or you can use the box with two arrows above the chat box to upload the document:

Screenshot of the Online Consultation with the "Import/Export" pane open.

5. Once your draft appears, your tutor will orient you to how the session will proceed based upon your writing concerns. You may both write in the draft to the left and converse about the feedback in the chat box on the right:

Screenshot of the Online Consultation window with draft uploaded, various sections highlighted.

6. At the end of the session, you may close the window. All of the work will be saved until the end of the semester. Whenever you wish to access the feedback, just return to the original appointment and follow Step #2.

No Show Penalty!

If you are late to an appointment, you have a 15 minute grace period. After 15 minutes you lose the reservation and are marked as a No Show. If you No Show twice, you are blocked from using the Writing Center services for the rest of the semester.
To avoid becoming a No Show, be sure to cancel an appointment if you no longer want your reserved time. You can cancel or modify your appointment up to four hours before the scheduled reservation by clicking on your appointment and making the needed changes to the form. If you know that you will be late to an appointment, note that in the “What Would You Like to Work On?” field. You can also directly contact your tutor to let them know you are running late.

Contact the Writing Center

Rachel Schneider
Instructor of English
School of Arts and Sciences
MCPHS University
179 Longwood Avenue | Boston MA 02115

or contact CASE

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