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HSC 320: Writing for Health Sciences Professionals

About This Guide

This guide supplements assignments and other coursework of HSC 320: Writing for Health Sciences Professionals. You'll find examples, demonstrations and in-depth explanations of various search techniques, evaluation perspectives and other resources.

When you have further questions, please use the pop-up chat for immediate assistance from the MCPHS Reference Desk, or schedule a research appointment with your librarian! 

What Are You Working On?

  • About Peer-Review: Discussed the characteristics of peer reviewed articles, related terminology, and academic sources that are not peer-reviewed.
  •  Databases with Peer-Reviewed Articles: Describes how to limit for these sources, and lists the databases that contain them.
  • Search Strategies: Video tutorials of how to search in Google & Google Scholar, Academic databases, and Smart Search. Also lists examples of search strategies like Boolean operators.
  • Common Academic Sources: Defines and provides examples of often-used sources like original research, systematic reviews, case studies, and more.
  • Examples of Peer-Reviewed Articles: Two examples of peer-reviewed articles with annotations and comments explaining how they were evaluated.
  • Writing & Citing: Resources for and examples of APA 7th citations. 

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