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Images: Finding Images on Websites

Lists of places to find images you can use in your classes and projects.

Copyright Statement

The reproduction, use, or downloading of images is governed by copyright law. Please check the policies on each site. Some images may be in the public domain and may be used without permission, while other images are copyright protected and require that you ask permission from the copyright holder before downloading, reproducing, or using in any way. Some images may be freely used while others may require a registration or user fee. Some images may only permit you to link to their site.

Double-check that You Can Use that Image

You found an image that says that it is in the public domain or licensed under Creative Commons. It is a good idea to double-check that the information is accurate. Use these tools to be sure that the person who uploaded the image actually had the right to say it was free to use.

Internet Sites

Search for Images using links below:

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