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LIB 111: Expository Writing: Academic Databases

Academic Databases

When you first go to the library website, the search box that you see on the home page takes you to MCPHS SmartSearch (see more on that below). To find the rest of the library's databases, click the link that says A-Z Databases. That will take you to a list of the 200+ databases that the library has access to. While some of the databases will find you articles or information on a wide variety of topics, some are very specialized and concentrate on specific subjects like drug information or human anatomy videos. To see what databases the library offers on particular topics, you may click on the All Subjects drop down menu at the top of the screen and try clicking on different options.

MCPHS Smart Search on the Library's New Homepage

A through Z list of databases.

Practice: Finding an Article

One of the first things you probably need to do is find scholarly articles. Use this interactive tutorial to practice getting to an article through the Library using a citation:

Get from a Citation to a Full-Text Article

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