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LIB 111: Expository Writing: Google & Google Scholar

Google & Google Scholar Demonstrations

Connect to MCPHS

  1. Go to Google Scholar 
  2. What you see on your page depends a bit on your screen's size:
    • You may need to click on a menu button " " 
    • You may need to click on More
  3. Click on Settings " "
  4. Click on Library Links
    Library Links in drop down menu.
  5. Search for mcphs.You can add links for up to 5 libraries.
  6. Select MCPHS - Get Full Text (MCPHS)Check box for "Get Full Text (MCPHS)"
  7. Click Save. Save button plus alert: To retain settings, you must turn on cookies.

Now when you search, you'll see Get Full Text (MCPHS) next to your search results - click on it to get the article through the Library.

" "

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