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*Evidence-Based Medicine Resources

This guide focused on the "acquire" stage of evidence-based medicine and the resources and search strategies to support this process.

Resources Organized by Level

While you can find evidence at a variety of levels in many of these resources, we've organized them to align with different levels of filtered and unfiltered evidence.

  • Unfiltered are resources that are primary sources describing original research. Randomized controlled trials, cohort studies, case-controlled studies, and case series/reports are examples of unfiltered information. 
  • Filtered are resources that are secondary sources which summarize and analyze the available evidence. They evaluate the quality of individual studies and often provide recommendations for practice. Systematic reviews, critically-appraised topics, and critically-appraised individual articles are examples of filtered information.

Filtered: Systematic Reviews / Meta-Analyses

Filtered: Critically-Appraised Topics

Unfiltered Resources

This includes but is not limited to randomized controlled trials, cohort studies, case control studies, and case reports.

Background Information / Expert Opinion

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