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*Evidence-Based Medicine Resources

This guide focused on the "acquire" stage of evidence-based medicine and the resources and search strategies to support this process.

Credo Information Literacy Course

This is a comprehensive course from Credo on information literacy in the context of health sciences. The sections are self-paced and include text, video, examples, and quizzes. They are:

  • Evidence-Based Practice
  • Research Needs and Search Strategies
  • Health Science Resources
  • Understanding and Using Research Terms
  • Glossary of Health Science Terms

You can start at the beginning or just work through the sections (and subsections) most relevant to you!

Duke University EBP Tutorial

This is a seven-part series of video and interactive modules from the Duke University Medical Center Library & Archive. The modules are:

  • Introduction to EBP
  • Acquire
  • Appraise > Therapy
  • Appraise > Prognosis
  • Appraise > Harm
  • Appraise > Systematic Reviews

These tutorials were created it in partnership between Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill as an open-access publication, intended for sharing. 

Study Design 101

This tutorial from the Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library at The George Washington University is designed to give you:

  • an understanding of different types of clinical medical studies and how they relate to each other;
  • an overview of important formulas relevant to these study types;
  • the ability to locate articles using each of the different study types;
  • a glossary of terms related to clinical medical studies.

While it's designed to start at the base of the pyramid (lowest level of evidence) and work up to the highest level, you can jump around, and work through the videos, quizzes and other content at your own pace.

Finding the Evidence I: Using PICO to Formulate a Search Question

Finding the Evidence II: Turning Search Terms into a Search Strategy

Finding the Evidence III: Turning Your Search Strategy into Results - Searching PubMed

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