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Forced Migration and Refugee Studies

Giving Credit to Your Sources

It's super important to give credit to your sources - you're building on their personal experiences, academic research and professional expertise. Join the conversations happening in this field by giving credit to the voices that are shaping your perspective - your analysis has more weight when you show your work through citations.*

*This counts for photos, videos, tweets, etc. too!

The Cite Button

The majority of the Library's e-resources can generate a single citation for you.

Places to look for the Cite Button or other Citation Tools in E-Resources:

  • The right-hand menu on the article abstract page.
  • At the top of the results list.
  • Immediately under each citation in the results list.
  • At the very bottom of an article or article abstract page.

Style Handbooks

Because sometimes you have to cite something weird.

Choosing a Citation Manager

Citation managers are amazing tools that can do so much for your research process, including:

Organize and save citations/articles.

Create in-text citations.

Share citations/articles with colleagues.

Generate Reference Lists in a wide range of styles.

Here are the citation managers we recommend:

Other Citation Tools

These aren't quite as robust as a full citation manager, but they're useful tools for creating citations. Remember though, no citation generator is 100% accurate. Please double-check your citations against the handbook to be sure they're right!

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