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Veteran-Centered Care


At MCPHS University faculty members are required to contribute to service and scholarship activities in addition to their teaching responsibilities. This conference was established to promote awareness of veteran-centered care to our students but it has also resulted in scholarly presentations. See the boxes below to see how this interprofessional conference has been shared with others.

Poster Presentations

Seed SM, Gravel TL, Lamson KS, Morrill AM. Increasing awareness of veteran care among healthcare professional students: an interprofessional collaboration at MCPHS University. J Amer Pharm Assoc. 2015;79(5):61.

Gravel TL, Morrill AM, Seed S, Lamson KS. An interprofessional collaboration to enhance veteran care at MCPHS University. Poster presented at: 5th Annual, MCPHS University Faculty Scholarship Showcase; May 5, 2015; Worcester, MA.

Gravel T, Morrill A, Seed S, Lamson  KS. Enhancing veteran care: an interprofessional collaboration.  Poster presented at: Meeting of the Massachusetts/Rhode Island League for Nursing (MARLIN); March 2015; Sutton, MA.

Awards Received

Gravel TL, Morrill AM, Seed S, Lamson KS. MCPHS University Faculty Scholarship Showcase Award for Integration. May 5, 2015.

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