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Veteran-Centered Care Conference

1st Annual Veteran-Centered Care Conference

The first MCPHS University Veteran-Centered Care Conference took place on November 25, 2013 in the Lincoln Square Ballroom. Over 80 attendees explored the challenges of providing healthcare to veterans and sought to find ways to understand the impact of military service on the health of veterans. Amid red, white, and blue tables, attendees were treated to two panels (faculty /student). Each panelist related their personal experiences with being and/or caring for our veterans. Stephanie Rhymer, NMT Clinical Coordinator from the School of Medical Imaging and Therapeutics, facilitated the event and conversation that followed.

This interprofessional event was coordinated by representatives of the following programs/departments; School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy, School of Physician Assistant Studies, School of Physical Therapy, School of Optometry, Student Affairs, and Library and Learning Resources. The Provost graciously provided lunch to the attendees.

Feedback from this event was positive and it has been suggested that this program be held each November in recognition of Veteran’s Day.

Opening Presentation

The first year we presented this conference as a panel discussion. This presentation was shown (on a loop) as our guests arrived into the ballroom.

Student Panelists 2013

Joseph Cari - Veteran / Physician Assistant Studies '14, MCPHS University

Lauren Halloran - Veteran / Creative Writing (MFA) '14, Emerson College

Michael Lamb - Veteran / School of Pharmacy '14, MCPHS University

Michael McCarthy - School of Nursing '13, MCPHS University

Stela Striligas - Veteran / School of Pharmacy '15, MCPHS University

Faculty Panelists 2013

Colin Halloran - Veteran / Writer, and Adjunct Professor at Fairfield University, CT

Cindy Heden - Veteran / Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, MCPHS Universtiy

Denise Koutrouba - Veteran / Program Manager, Bedford Veterans Administration

Amanda Morrill - Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy, MCPHS University

Carrie Walker - Assistant Program Director, School of Physician Assistant Studies, MCPHS University

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