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*Health Humanities

A guide to assist you in researching health humanities topics.
On this page you'll find the databases we recommend for articles on topics associated with the health humanities. Depending on your specific project, you may find certain resources more relevant that others.

Recommended Databases

Specific Journals

Search for a specific journal using our Journal page!

Finding Full Text Articles

After you locate an article in a database, use the  Get Full Text (MCPHS) button to see if one of the library's other databases has the article in full text.

Interlibrary Loan

Still can't find the full text? Our interlibrary loan services will find the full text for you!

Connect Google Scholar and the Library

Connect Google Scholar and the MCPHS Libraries to get to the full-text articles you find. Don't skip or pay for articles - check the Library first!

Use the Get Full Text (MCPHS) links next to the result to get the article.


Set Up Google Scholar & MCPHS Libraries:

  1. Click on Settings in the upper right corner of Google Scholar.
  2. Choose Library Links on the left, search for MCPHS.
  3. Select MCPHS - Get Full Text (MCPHS).
  4. Click the blue Save button.
  5. That's it!

Next time you're searching, look for the MCPHS - Get Full Text (MCPHS). link next to each search result.

Don't see it? Click on more underneath the result. 

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