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Finding Peer Reviewed Sources: Databases with Peer Reviewed Content

How to find peer reviewed articles and monographs.

Limiting to Peer Reviewed Search Results

In MCPHS Smart Search and most databases you can limit your search results (either before or after you start searching) to scholarly or peer reviewed content with the click of a button. Look for that button in a utility/tools location, and if you don't see it immediately look for show more and find it there.

Go to the A-Z List of Databases

Databases with Peer Reviewed Articles but No Limiter

These are a few of our databases that contain peer-reviewed articles. These particular ones don't have a specific way to limit searches to just peer-reviewed articles. 

Please use the Is It Peer Reviewed process to figure out if the articles you find through them are peer reviewed.

Databases with Peer Reviewed Summaries, Books & Other Sources

These databases have great, high quality resources - search them individually for peer reviewed information.

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