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Anatomy Databases


Visual Anatomy Lite. This is a free anatomical app available for both Android and Apple. There are 130 high resolution images with more than 350 feature points.  There are numerous chapters on muscles, bones and the circulation system. There are quinzes, rotational models and muscle descriptions. The paid ($2.99) version offers more content and features.

Visual Muscles 3D. This app costs $2.99 and includes 3D. The 450 high resolution images are generated from 3D muscle models and cover 140 major muscles with name, action, origin, insertion and nerve supply. For both Android and Apple.

Pocket Body. Also highly rated and a 2016 MEDEA Special Jury Award winner, this app is a bit more expensive but worth looking at. It is a fully searchable, interactive atlas of the body focusing on the musculoskeletal system. It includes 9 layers of musculoskeletal content allowing the user to navigate through the skin layer through the superficial to deep musculature, and on through to ligaments and the skeleton. Available for Apple.

For additional options, check out the article published in 2016, The Best iPad Apps for Anatomy. There also is an app for Trail Guide to the Body called AnatomyMapp.


Anatomy Books

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