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Keeping Up: Journals and Specialty Topics

There are a variety of ways to stay up-to-date with the journal literature:

1. Browzine. The MCPHS library purchased a subscription to Browzine which will allow you to identify up to 64 journals which you want to "follow" or access. You can read articles from the most recent issue of each journal you select or access the back issues. Check out the Browzine LibGuide which explains how to download and use the software or how to set up web access.

2. PubMed. PubMed allows searchers to create a MyNCBI account, save their searches and have alerts emailed when there are new articles about their search topic.  Be sure to use the unique MCPHS PubMed link so that you will be able to access the full-text for any journal subscriptions to which the library subscribes.  Not sure how to set up a MyNCBI account? Ask a librarian.

3. EBSCO content. MCPHS has access to a number of journals through EBSCO.  This company provides lots of access points for readers including Twitter, Facebook, email alerts and RSS feeds. 

4. eTOCS (electronic Table of Contents).  eTOCs is a free service providing table of contents or a notification of availability when new issues of a journal are published online.  Readers can usually subscribe to these email updates on the journal's homepage.  Note: you can sign up for eTOCs even if you do not subscribe to the journal.  Full-text access depends on the publisher's restrictions.

5. RSS Feeds. A RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed pushes out information to your RSS Reader when a website is updated. Once you subscribe to a News Reader (this is free), your RSS feeds go directly to that reader.  The advantage is that all of your alerts are together on your single RSS Reader site.  One popular reader is Feedly, but the reader you choose depends on what computer operating system you have.

5. Twitter. Twitter is another option for keeping up with the journal literature. Check for the Twitter link on the journal's home page. For an example of a journal Twitter feed, check out Acupuncture in Medicine.

6. Read by QxMD. This phone app allows you to identify journals you want to follow. Visit the Apple or Google Play stores to download the app.

Key Journals in Acupuncture

The mainly peer-reviewed journals on this list tend to be the most relevant to the field of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  

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