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INF 110: Introduction to Research Essentials

This guide expands on the topics you've explored in INF 110: Introduction to Research Essentials.

About this Guide

This guide supplements the information contained in INF 110: Introduction to Research Essentials, the first of the three courses that make up the information literacy graduation requirement. Even once you're no longer actively enrolled in INF 110, you will be able to access the material in this guide if you wish to review the information.

What is Information Literacy?

Information literacy refers to the ability to find, access, evaluate, and use information appropriately and ethically based on your needs. Academically, this refers to the skills you will need to conduct research for your papers and projects, however information literacy goes beyond school work. There is always more to learn, whether that means locating information you need to help patients effectively in your future career, or staying informed on social and political issues so you can make informed decisions during election years.

The information you learn in INF 110 (as well as INF 220 and 330) will provide you with a baseline of skills to become a proficient life-long learner, no matter what the circumstances.

The MCPHS Information Literacy Graduation Requirement

All undergraduate, pre-professional, and transfer students on the Boston campus must successfully complete three information literacy courses in order to graduate. Please see the tutorial below to learn more about the contents of these courses and what you need to do to complete this graduation requirement successfully.

Working with a Librarian

Where to Get Help Around MCPHS

When it comes to research assistance, there are many ways to get help through the library - check out the Research Support page on the Library website to see what options are available. But when it comes to other types of academic or personal help at MCPHS, where can you go?

Please visit the Student Life page and Student Support page for more information on other services available to students. They connect to a range of services. The First Generation Student page and International Student page also have links and helpful information.

As always, if you have any questions about what department you should seek for specific help, feel free to ask a librarian for guidance. Even if we can't assist you directly, we can point you in the direction of someone who can!

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