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INF 110: Introduction to Research Essentials

This guide expands on the topics you've explored in INF 110: Introduction to Research Essentials.

About this Guide

This guide supplements the topics, activities and resources of the Information Literacy Graduation Requirement (INF 110, or INF 101-103). You'll find examples, demonstrations and in-depth explanations of various search techniques, evaluation perspectives and other resources.

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Project Information Literacy

Every stage of the research process is challenging - from getting started, to formulating a search, trying a new resource and making sense of what you find. That's what your librarians are for - when you have a question, get frustrated or confused, we're here to work with you.

Quick Answers

Q: What's the *best* source? 
A: There's no one *best* source, it depends on the context of your question and topic.

Q: Can I do one search and be done?
A: Research is a process, not a drive-through. Consider your first search attempt a warm-up, be prepared to search several times for any one assignment.

Q: Where do I search for what?
A: It depends on your information need - different sources offer different perspectives and types of information.

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