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*Medical Imaging: Radiography

This guide offers information on research and study materials to support student success in radiography studies.

Citation Manuals

Citation Management


Citation managers are amazing tools that can do so much for your research process, including:

Organize and save your sources

Create in-text citations

Share citations/articles with colleagues

Generate reference lists in a wide range of styles

Format references according to the proper citation style Retain copies of papers you've referenced


The key is to remember is that they can make your life easier!

If you have any questions, contact your librarian!

Citation Managers We Recommend

Citation Resources

Most of the Library's eResources can generate a citation for you. Look for the Cite Button or other Citation Tools in these locations:

  • In the menu to the right of an article/abstract.
  • At the top of the results list.
  • Under each citation in the results list.
  • At the bottom of an article/abstract page.  

These aren't quite as robust as a full citation manager, but they're useful tools for creating citations. Remember though, no citation generator is 100% accurate. Please double-check your citations against the handbook to be sure they're right!

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