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Accreditation Resources

Involving Students

How do we involve students positively in both the regional and programmatic accreditation processes? 

Ways to provide information to students  

  • Invite a student(s) to a faculty meeting periodically. 
  • Include the college and program mission on orientation materials. 
  • To do something different and fun for the provision of information that would appeal to our two majority generations at campus: millennials and baby boomers. (Interactive presentations to gain knowledge about the institution, quizzes with prizes, answers to the questionnaires on a regular basis, participation in focus groups). 
  • Having campus accreditation ambassadors to inform other students about the process. 


Get students involved in governance – and the actual accreditation process 

  • Invite current students or alumni to serve on your community advisory board.
  • Ask students to serve as consultants on college initiatives (e.g., diversity project). 
  • Involve students in the mock site visit. 
  • Students can serve as guides for the accreditation survey team campus tours, which provides an opportunity for informal discussions about the program. 
  • Students can be included on the self-study task force and on any subcommittees where they can provide meaningful inputs reviewing accreditation standards and elements related to the educational program, medical students, and educational and clinical facilities.   
  • A student group should review the results of the most recent Graduation Questionnaires to identify and monitor past challenges. 
  • Visit classes in the program to discuss data collected and programmatic/curricular changes (e.g., intro course, midway course and final course).  
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