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Research for International Students

The ways research is conceived, approved, conducted, and reported in the U.S. may differ from how it is done in other countries. This guide describes those processes and some of the context for them.

Get Help with Your Research

Groups and services at MCPHS can help you with your research.

  • Your professor - If you do not understand your professor's instructions, ask for clarification. You can also check with your professor if what you have matches what they wanted you to have.
  • Your advisor - Your advisor will help you understand what you need to do. Ask your advisor for advice if you are not sure how to solve a problem you encounter in your research.
  • Your librarian - Librarians can help you find books, articles, videos, and other sources on your topic.
  • Counseling services - Moving to an unfamiliar place can be stressful. Research can also be stressful. Counselors can help you if you feel anxious, sad, frustrated, angry, or overwhelmed.
  • The international student office - The people who work in this office understand how MCPHS might be different from what you are used to. They also know about how your visa affects what you can do.

Ask a Librarian

Meet with a librarian in person or get help remotely. Librarians can answer short questions about MCPHS and about how to find information. Librarians will also work with you if you need help finding information about your topic. The librarian will not do a search for you but will help you decide where and how to search. Contact the library in any of the following ways:


Text us at 1-617-299-7092

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