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Assessing Information Literacy Instruction

Methods librarians can use to assess and improve their teaching.

Self Evaluation Questions

After a session, take a little while to debrief and reflect on how it went. Consider using Char Booth's Three Reflection Questions as a starting point:

  • What was positive about the interaction? As in, what went well? This could be anything, from your own teaching performance, to student engagement, to faculty buy-in.
  • What was negative about the interaction? As in, what did not go so well? Perhaps there were technical difficulties, or students were unresponsive during a discussion. Be kind to yourself here, the goal is growth not ridicule.
  • What is one thing you would like to improve or follow-up on? This could be an activity you want to revise, a new approach to a concept, or just finally reporting that one computer that always acts up.

Additional Sources for Reflection Questions

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