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Smart Search

An overview of Smart Search and how to use it.

Zotero and MCPHS Smart Search, Other Library Resources

The Zotero Connector tries to save you time by automatically detecting and saving proxies. Unfortunately, those saved settings conflict with the authentication method MCPHS Smart Search uses. It may also cause issues with accessing content from other library subscriptions.

For MCPHS Smart Search, you may get EBSCO's "Select Resources" page instead of what you wanted. The wording is slightly different on a Mac than on a Windows computer.

EBSCO Select Resource Page with note "Zotero automatically redirected your request through the proxy"

To Fix It

Click "Don't proxy this site" to fix it for a short time.

For a longer fix, click "Proxy Settings," make sure you are on the "Proxies" page, and deselect "Enable proxy redirection."

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