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INF 220: Intermediate Research Skills

This guide expands on the topics you've explored in INF: 220

Librarian Tip

There are a couple of major ways to use citations:

  1. Citing 
    By using the references from the end of an article you'll move backwards and laterally in time to connected literature in the field. This is a great way to find other relevant articles as well as foundational research in the field.
  2. Cited by
    By using a citation searching database (such as Scopus or Google Scholar) you can connect to newer literature in the field. This is a great way to find more relevant articles as well as get as sense of how significant the article you're starting from is to the field as a whole. 

Practice: Using Citations to Find More Sources

Cited & Cited By

Older sources eat into the found article as references, and the found article is cited by more recent publications.

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