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Classroom Technology


This guide is intended as a resource for MCPHS teaching faculty hoping to get the most out of the technology available to them in the classrooms on all three of our campuses.  It should have value for both those teaching to in-person students exclusively and those teaching to a mixture of in-person and online students. Using this guide, faculty will be able to identify what technology a given classroom or lecture hall has, learn how to best make use of that technology for both the purposes of in-person lectures and remote instruction, and see how to request additional resources, if needed.

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How to use this guide

Start at the "Room Lookup" page from the navigation pane at the left. Here, all the classrooms/halls on each campus are divided into four types of spaces based on what type of technology they feature. These are lecture halls, web conferencing classrooms, traditional classrooms and DE (Distance Education) classrooms. Once you know the type of space where you will be teaching, navigate to the corresponding tab from the navigation pane for an overview of how to work with the technology available in that space.

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