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Classroom Technology


For the purposes of this guide, classrooms on all campuses are divided into four main types based on what sort of technology setup they have. Each type of room is briefly described below, followed by a list of all the rooms in that category on each campus. (The following pages will have more detailed descriptions on the use of the technology in each room type).

Lecture Halls

This includes many of the bigger auditorium-style halls on all three campuses that are intended for large classes. These all have either large projection screens or monitors for in-class presentations, sound systems for amplifying the lecturer's voice to in-person students, and microphones and overhead cameras for either broadcasting the lecture to online students or recording it for later reference.

Boston Campus Manchester Campus Worcester Campus


GRIF 204

WHTE 016B*

WHTE 101 (Stepanian Hall)*

WHTE 204 (Reed Hall)*

WHTE 216 (Stoklosa Hall)*

WHTE 300 (White Hall)


DBEN 102*

LINC 102*

LINC 103*

NWCH 202

* denotes room with Cynap functionality

Web Conferencing Classrooms

This includes standard classrooms that have been upgraded to now include overhead cameras and condenser microphones that enable faculty to easily share their classes with an online audience.

Boston Campus Manchester Campus Worcester Campus

FNEL 113*

GRIF 207

MATR 3004*

MATR 3014

MATR 4014

MATR 4016

MATR 4018

WHTE 301

WHTE 302*

WHTE 304*

WHTE 305*

WHTE 306*

HUB 118a

HUB 118b

BLLC 301

BLLC 302

DBEN 203

DBEN 204

LNCA 203

LNCA 420

NWCH 206

NWCH 301*

NWCH 305*

* denotes room with Cynap functionality

Traditional Classrooms

These classrooms have not been upgraded with new AV equipment, but will still have projection systems and/or monitors for in-class presentations. Most are now equipped with USB webcams that make it possible to share lectures with an online audience.

Boston Campus Manchester Campus Worcester Campus

MATR 3006

MATR 3008

MATR 3010

MATR 3012

MATR 4022

MATR 4023

WHTE 016C*

WHTE 016D*

WHTE 019A*

WHTE 019B*

WHTE 020*

WHTE 022*


DBEN 205

* denotes room with Cynap functionality

Distance Education Classrooms

These classrooms have video conferencing technology that allows them to connect to other classrooms of the same type without going through web conferencing software. They work best for classes with in-person students on more than one campus. The camera and microphone setups in these rooms can be used with Zoom (but not Collaborate), but faculty need to communicate with the Help Desk ahead of time for assistance setting up the connection. Many of these rooms have had USB webcams added to them, so that faculty can bypass the DE system and connect to Zoom and Collaborate without outside help.

Boston Campus Manchester Campus Worcester Campus

FNEL 114

GRIF 607

MATR 4015

MATR 4017

MATR 4019


WHTE 401

BASC 202

BASC 207*

BASC 209

BASC 318*

MBNT 208*

MBNT 210

DBEN 101

FOST 206*




LINC 100*

LNCA 201

LNCA 204

* denotes room with Cynap functionality

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