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Persistent Links from Library Resources

Instructions for creating persistent links from MCPHS Library resources

Getting Started with Persistent Links

A persistent link (or permalink) is a permanent URL that connects you directly the full-text of an article through the MCPHS collections. These links are useful because they're direct and don't change - which makes them perfect for saving and embedded in Blackboard, presentations, and other places. 

This guide will walk you through creating and saving persistent links to direct journal articles, articles in databases, ebooks, and videos. We've also included examples of permalinks, so you can see what they look like when properly formatted. 

Persistent Links and Copyright

The Library recommends using persistent links because posting a link to an article you want to share with others is allowed within copyright law. However, copying and posting the full text article without prior permission from the publisher is illegal. 

MCPHS has received permission to post the full text article for the following publishers:

  • Nature
  • SAGE
  • Springer Link
  • Wiley Online
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