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Persistent Links from Library Resources

Instructions for creating persistent links from MCPHS Library resources

For eBooks

On this page we've included instructions and examples for getting persistent links to whole ebooks, chapters, and sections for quite a few publishers. Note: if you don't see your ebook's publisher listed give the instructions listed here a try anyway - most publishers offer similar functionalities. 

To learn more about the eBooks in the MCPHS collection, explore our eBooks Guide:

From the FLO Catalog

There are different steps you need to take to access a working link that takes you directly to a specific eBook, which depends on the type of link you are opening:

  • Full text (MCPHS users only)
  • Ebrary Academic Complete

Use the appropriate tab below to choose which type of link your eBook uses.

From the FLO Catalog - Choose Tab

  • Locate eBook in the FLO Catalog by typing the title into the search box
  • Click on the appropriate Title to open the eBook record
  • The Holding Information section of the record will contain a Linked Resource: Full text (MCPHS users only) link
  • Right click on that link and choose “Copy Link” from the pop-up menu
  • Paste in Blackboard or document to share with your users
  • Locate eBook in the FLO Catalog by typing the title into the search box
  • Click on the appropriate Title to open the eBook record
  • Find and click on the MCPHS link within the Holding Information section of the record to open the book
  • Locate the paperclip icon on the left hand side of the page which says “Share Link to Book
  • Copy the link to share with users
    • To share a specific page or chapter
    • Navigate to the appropriate section of the eBook
    • Click on the paperclip in the top toolbar
    • Copy and distribute the link to users

AccessMedicine or AccessPharmacy ebook

Open your desired book to the appropriate spot, Copy the URL from the top of the screen.

e.g., DeGowin’s Diagnostic Examination – Chapter 10 The Urinary System


e.g., Pharmacotherapy – Chapter 84 Central Nervous System Infections

Books@Ovid eBook Chapter

Open your desired book to the appropriate chapter, click on Email Jumpstart.  Copy the Jumpstart URL.

e.g., Danforth’s Obstetrics and Gynecology – Chapter 5 Ectopic Pregnancy

EBSCO eBooks Chapter

Open your desired book, open to the desired chapter.  Click on the permalink on the right hand side of the page, copy that link.

e.g. Medical Genetics

Encyclopedia of Health & Behavior Chapter or Document

For the Encyclopedia of Health & Behavior (accessed via the MCPHS Catalog, Books & More tab, or Popular eBooks page).

Find your book, locate a chapter or document.  Scroll to the bottom of the document and copy the Document URL.

ProQuest eBook Central

Find your desired book, go to the first page of the chapter, click the chain button (Share Link), press Ctrl + C or Command +C on your keyboard.

e.g. Health Care Information Systems -- Chapter 5 Systems Acquisition

R2 Digital Library eBook

Find your book, locate a section, copy URL at top of screen.

e.g., Measurement of Joint Motion - chapter 9: The Knee

Springer 2013 Medical Collection ebook

Find your book, click on view chapter to read online or click on Download PDF.  

e.g. “Survival tips for the younger clinician.” in Advice to the Healer

To read online: Click View Chapter and copy the URL at the top of the page.


To download: Right click on the Download PDF link. Copy Link Address (Chrome), Copy Link Location (FireFox), Copy Shortcut (Internet Explorer), or use the equivalent option for your browser.

Stat!Ref Chapter

Click to the section you want. Click on the image of a paperclip (Get a link to this location). Copy the link in the box that appears.

e.g. Concepts in Clinical Pharmacokinetics - Lesson 10: Nonlinear Processes

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