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Poster Production: Guidelines for Submission

Information about creating your own posters and presentations.

Guidelines for submitting posters

Poster printing is now handled on all campuses by the Copy Center. Instructions for submitting a poster can be found here:

MCPHS University seal/logo

All posters presented to the outside community must include the MCPHS seal or logo along with the name(s) of the sponsoring faculty members. Either the seal (round) or logo (rectangular) may be used. University red, black or white (if displayed on a dark background) logos and seals may be used.

If the project is jointly produced with people from another school, hospital, or business, each institution’s seal or logo can be displayed on the work.

Copies of the seal/logo are available from Media Production.

Picking up your poster

When your poster has been printed, the Help Desk ticket will be closed. You will be emailed when your poster is ready to pick up. Posters printed on the Boston campus will be available at the Copy Center.

Expected Printing Times

3 business days, possibly 5 in busy times

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