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Poster Production: Poster Sizes

Information about creating your own posters and presentations.

Poster Sizes

Standard Poster Sizes

The following is a list of standard poster sizes. (The most common sizes for academic work are in bold)

17” X 22” (draft)

20” X 30” (display case)

24” X 36” (flat easel display)

30” X 42” (flat easel display)

36” X 48” (table top/tri-fold display)

42” X 60” (conference-small)

42” X 72” (conference-regular)

Considerations for different size posters

For the flat easel display size (24" x 36), flat foam core boards and glue sticks will be needed to mount your poster. For people on the Boston Campus, these can be purchased at the MCPHS Bookstore.

Tri-fold (table top) display boards (which are also available in the bookstore) are 36” X 48”. Each wing is 12” W X 36”H, with the center section being 24”W X 36”H (see diagram below). Your table top poster should not be any larger than 36”H X 48”W. Glue sticks, again, work well to attach your poster to the display board.

Tri-fold poster diagram with widths for each section shown

Tri-fold poster

Once you have established what size poster you will be working with, you can start working out the design. Tips for getting started with this in PowerPoint are covered in the next section, Using PowerPoint.

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