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Poster Production: Creating Online Poster Presentations

Information about creating your own posters and presentations.

Creating Online Poster Presentations

As a result of the pandemic, a number of conferences and academic events are now being held online, requiring those presenting posters at these events to adapt their presentations to a virtual format. This page aims to to provide some resources to help you create presentations that can be delivered remotely. This includes some videos on how to create a brief recorded presentation of your work using both Zoom and PowerPoint, as well as some additional resources for learning how best to present your work in an online setting.

Recorded Poster Presentations

The following video explains how to create a recorded poster presentation using the Zoom desktop app.

This video explains how to create a recorded poster presentation in PowerPoint. (Note: This demonstration was done with the 2019 version of PowerPoint and earlier versions will not have the same functionality.)

Creating a Poster Slide Show with Close-up Images

The following video explains how to create a slide show in PowerPoint you can use to present your poster online, with both the complete poster image and close-ups of specific sections.

Additional Resources

The following links provide some excellent tips and best practices for creating effective online poster presentations:

UC Davis's Undergraduate Research Center maintains a webpage with a number of useful tips for students creating recorded video poster presentations.

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) posted the following tips for presenting at virtual events.




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