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Database Tutorials: What else should I know?

Tutorials, help pages, and other training materials provided by the vendors and other institutions.

What if it says we have the article, but I cannot find it?

Check if the article you want is part of a supplement, a conference presentation, or an meeting abstract. Sometimes these types of articles cause problems. Try searching for it yourself on that website or see if you can find the journal on our Journals page. (The Journals page is part of the same system as Get Full Text (MCPHS) so it will look familiar.) ‚Äč

What if I need to report an issue?

Encountered an problem while searching for articles? 

Click "report a problem", found on the bottom of the box and be sure to fill in details.  You will need to tell us your name and your email address. You can add a comment if you want. The message will show us what you were trying to get so that we can try to fix it.


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