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Database Tutorials: About Get Full Text (MCPHS)

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What do Get Full Text (MCPHS) links and buttons do?

What do Get Full-Text and Get Full Text (MCPHS) do?

These buttons and links let you see if we have the full-text of the article you want. You will usually see the button or link right next to each article in your results after you run a search. Sometimes you will only see the button or link if you click on one of your results. PubMed is one of those places. You will see the button in the top right corner in PubMed.

How do I use them?

  • You will see "Get It Online”.... if we have the article online. Click on “Get it from ...” to get the article. It will open in a new window. Sometimes you will need to search for the article or click through that website to get the article.

  • If we do not have this article online, nothing will be listed under the  "Get it Online" section. 

  • If we have physical copies of a journal, click on "MCPHS has this journal in print. Get catalog record" listed under  "Get it Online". Be sure to note the available years associated with these holdings. In the example below, the library has access to issues of Health Psychology from 01/01/1998 to present EXCEPT volume 35 (issue 10) October 2016.


What do I do if we not have the article I want?

  • First, try the “Find related information in Google Scholar” link to see if it is available elsewhere online. Click on “Search for related information in.” Google Scholar will open in a new window

Search for More ... Find related information in Google Scholar

  • If that does not work, click on “Request from MCPHS Interlibrary Loan" to see if we can get it from another library. It usually takes 3-5 business days to get articles.

Not available at MCPHS? - Request It .. Request from MCPHS Interlibrary Loan

  • If you need the article sooner, click “Ask a Librarian” to see all the ways to contact us. We can help you find a library you could visit in person or a different article you can use instead.