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Database Tutorials: Ovid Medline

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Ovid Medline vs PubMed

Medline is a database created by the National Library of Medicine.  You can search it through either Ovid or PubMed.

  • PubMed is free for anyone to use but Ovid's interface is only available to MCPHs users.
  • PubMed also includes citations for some articles that are not part of Medline:
    • New articles that the NLM is in the process of adding to Medline.  (Medline records include a lot of information about the article, not just the citation.)
    • Other articles that are not biomedical.  Some journals cover biomedical topics AND related topics, such as agriculture.  The National Library of Medicine will add the biomedical articles to Medline and include only the basic citation information for the rest in PubMed.
  • Ovid breaks down the search process into several steps.  PubMed automates some of that process for you.

Video Tutorials for Ovid Medline

Comparison to the PubMed Version of Medline

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