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Apps and Mobile Sites: Full-price

Use the apps and sites listed here on your smartphone or your tablet. Choose by operating system (iOS, Android, etc), price, category, device (smartphone versus tablet), or format (native app or mobile site).

Disclaimers and Credits

iPad and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. 

The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License 

Epocrates, Inc.


App. Free & full-price. Apple devices & Android devices. Medicine.

General drug information on a large number of medications with information on dosing, adverse effects, indications, and cost. May be used offline.

The base version of Epocrates is free. You will need to pay if you wish to access the additional features in Epocrates Plus.

You will need to create a free account to use the app. Click on "Create a Free Account" after you have downloaded the app and fill out the required information. Use your email address and the password you created to sign in.

For more information contact Erin Wentz (617-732-2810).

Glean Notes

App . Free 30-day trial. About $130 per year personal subscription. Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Chromebooks. Phones, Tablets, Computer. Computer program with supplemental phone / tablet apps. At least Android 7.0 (but they recommend Android 10 or higher). At least iOS 12.0 (but they recommend iOS 13 or higher). "Latest version" of Chrome. (Older versions may still work, but the company does not guarantee it.). "Latest version" of Microsoft Edge. (Versions 80 and newer may still work, but the company does not guarantee it.). Notetaking.

Notetaking. Mashups.

Features / Uses

  • Records audio
  • Each phrase is visually represented by a bar, not by text.
  • Add “Review” icons, notes, and tasks to mark important points.
  • Add Headings to divide your notes into chunks
  • Use the definition button to look up a word. The system will add a brief definition from Wikipedia.
  • Add images or slides
  • Listen to any part of the recording. Access the entire recording or the audio associated with a specific note, icon, or task.
  • Can speed up or slow down the audio
  • Copy your notes to your computer’s clipboard.
  • Print your notes and the accompanying slides and images
  • Access a list of all your tasks. Tasks can be from multiple recordings (“events.”)
  • Search within your notes. Notes can be from multiple recordings (“events”)
  • Sync between your computer and your phone
  • Can organize recordings into “collections” 
  • Set a timer to help you study your notes


  • Not cheap
  • Most of the features are available on the desktop version. The app is a limited companion tool.
  • You can record offline, but it requires internet access to interact with the recording
  • The developer recommends that you do not use private mode, incognito mode, or a similar option. Your notes will disappear when you close the browser if they have not fully synced to the cloud.
  • The developer’s FAQs note that the product does not fully follow the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  • According to the FAQs, people who use Macs need to use the browser if they want to record a Zoom meeting.
  • Copying your notes only copies text (including the Wikipedia definitions). The “Important” or “Review” icons will not appear unless you added a note to that icon.
  • No built-in text-to-speech option for your own notes.
  • You can only add one set of slides per “event.” You will need to create a new “event” if you want to save a second set of slides.
  • The timer does not make any sound and the visual indication that the time has ended is easy to miss.

Supports Available

  • FAQs on website
  • Tutorials on website
  • Contact Us form on the website
  • Email the developer
  • Developer is responsive to app reviews

Johns Hopkins Guides

Johns Hopkins Medicine Poc-It Guides

This full-price app version of the John Hopkins guides is available for  Apple devices & Android devices. It may be used offline and offers antibiotic, diabetes, HIV, and psychiatry guides that provide authoritative, evidence-based information to help answer questions and make point-of-care decisions.

Just Press Record

App . Full Price (Under $10). iOS. Phones, Tablets, Computers. At least iOS 14.0. At least MacOS 12.0. Notetaking.

Audiorecording. Audiotranscription.

Features / Uses

  • App navigation works with VoiceOver
  • Speech-to-text
  • Search within the notes
  • Use many languages
  • Edit notes
  • Edit audio files
  • Sync across devices
  • Use Dark Mode


  • May need Apple iCloud to process some files

Supports Available

  • App Support page on Zendesk has FAQs
  • Use the Zendesk help form on the website
  • Contact the developer via social media

Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy

Sanford Guide

App. Full-price. Apple devices and Android devices. Medicine.

The Sanford Guide contains comprehensive information on treatment for infectious diseases, syndromes, and pathogens. The app may be used offline and has the full content of the print edition.

Unbound Medicine

Unbound Medicine

A variety of full-price mobile apps including a medical dictionary, drug guide, laboratory test reference, mobile DSM-V, and point-of-care recommendations.

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