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Apps and Mobile Sites: Other Operating Systems

Use the apps and sites listed here on your smartphone or your tablet. Choose by operating system (iOS, Android, etc), price, category, device (smartphone versus tablet), or format (native app or mobile site).

Disclaimers and Credits

iPad and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. 

The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License 



App & Mobile Site. Free to MCPHS.  Go the the McGraw Hill Access mobile site.

This eBook site uses responsive web design, automatically detecting what type of device you are using and adjusting the display to match it.  It offers current versions of medical textbooks available through MCPHS' ebook subscriptions.  Use the link above to access the mobile site.  To download the app for Apple or Android, visit iOS or Android

  1. Download the app.
  2. Sign in with your free MyAccess username and ID.  
  3. If you do not have a MyAccess username and ID, go to
    • Go to the page to create one .
    • Scroll down and click on Sign In or Create an Account.
    • Click "Don't have a MyAccess account?"
    • Fill out the form. (You may need to scroll down to see the form.)
    • Click Create Account.
  4. At least once every 90 days, you will need to sign into your MyAccess account from MCPHS's AccessMedicine subscription .



Mobile Site.  Free to MCPHS.  All Brands.  All devices. Pharmacy.

This eBook site uses responsive web design, automatically detecting what type of device you are using and adjusting the display to match it. It provides access to current pharmacy textbooks and guides.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Mobile at CDC

CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

App & Mobile site. Free. All brands. Apple devices and Android devices. General.

The CDC's site uses responsive design. It will automatically adjust to fit your screen's size. You can also download an app for offline access.


App & Mobile Site. Free to MCPHS. Mobile site for All brands. All DevicesApp for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android Devices. Medicine.

DynaMed has quick overviews of different conditions. Summaries include drug information from Micromedex and images. This evidence-based point-of-care tool's website automatically adjusts to fit your screen size. 

To use DynaMed offline, download the app:

1. Go to

2. (If prompted) sign in with your MCPHS username and password.

3. Click the profile icon ("toggle user menu") in the page header.

4. Click "Sign in."

5. Click "Register Now."

6. Follow the prompts.

7. Click the link in the confirmation message sent to your email address.

8. Download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. (Search for "DynaMed" to find it.)

9. Sign in with your personal account.

You will need to sign in again every three months to show that you are still part of MCPHS.


EBSCOhost Mobile on a smartphone

Mobile Site. All brands. All devices. EBSCO databases and MCPHS Smart Search now use responsive design. They will automatically adjust to your screen size.

Use from the library's page:

  • Go directly to an EBSCO database.
  • Or, go to the EBSCO menu . 
    1. Sign in with your MCPHS username and password.
    2. Choose the resource you want to use. ​

Gale InfoTrac Databases

Gale/Cengage Learning

Gale databases use responsive design, automatically adjusting to the size of your screen for all brands and devices. 

These include Academic Index, Academic OneFile, and Literature Resource Center. For a full listing, see the Gale site or the library's database listing

*Currently available only to people located in Massachusetts.

Glean Notes

App . Free 30-day trial. About $130 per year personal subscription. Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Chromebooks. Phones, Tablets, Computer. Computer program with supplemental phone / tablet apps. At least Android 7.0 (but they recommend Android 10 or higher). At least iOS 12.0 (but they recommend iOS 13 or higher). "Latest version" of Chrome. (Older versions may still work, but the company does not guarantee it.). "Latest version" of Microsoft Edge. (Versions 80 and newer may still work, but the company does not guarantee it.). Notetaking.

Notetaking. Mashups.

Features / Uses

  • Records audio
  • Each phrase is visually represented by a bar, not by text.
  • Add “Review” icons, notes, and tasks to mark important points.
  • Add Headings to divide your notes into chunks
  • Use the definition button to look up a word. The system will add a brief definition from Wikipedia.
  • Add images or slides
  • Listen to any part of the recording. Access the entire recording or the audio associated with a specific note, icon, or task.
  • Can speed up or slow down the audio
  • Copy your notes to your computer’s clipboard.
  • Print your notes and the accompanying slides and images
  • Access a list of all your tasks. Tasks can be from multiple recordings (“events.”)
  • Search within your notes. Notes can be from multiple recordings (“events”)
  • Sync between your computer and your phone
  • Can organize recordings into “collections” 
  • Set a timer to help you study your notes


  • Not cheap
  • Most of the features are available on the desktop version. The app is a limited companion tool.
  • You can record offline, but it requires internet access to interact with the recording
  • The developer recommends that you do not use private mode, incognito mode, or a similar option. Your notes will disappear when you close the browser if they have not fully synced to the cloud.
  • The developer’s FAQs note that the product does not fully follow the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  • According to the FAQs, people who use Macs need to use the browser if they want to record a Zoom meeting.
  • Copying your notes only copies text (including the Wikipedia definitions). The “Important” or “Review” icons will not appear unless you added a note to that icon.
  • No built-in text-to-speech option for your own notes.
  • You can only add one set of slides per “event.” You will need to create a new “event” if you want to save a second set of slides.
  • The timer does not make any sound and the visual indication that the time has ended is easy to miss.

Supports Available

  • FAQs on website
  • Tutorials on website
  • Contact Us form on the website
  • Email the developer
  • Developer is responsive to app reviews

IQ Polls

IQ Polls

This mobile site available for all brands and devices allows users to create interactive polls for up to 100 individuals on the free plan and embed those polls in presentations. The information you collect through a public poll may be viewable to other individuals (see the Privacy Policy for more details).


JAMA Network

JAMA, Journal of the American Medical Association

Mobile site. Free. Mobile site for All brands. All Devices. General.

The JAMA Network site uses responsive design. It will automatically adjust to your screen's size. Read articles from JAMA and the other journals from the company.

Johns Hopkins Guides

Johns Hopkins Medicine Poc-It Guides

This full-price app version of the John Hopkins guides is available for  Apple devices & Android devices. It may be used offline and offers antibiotic, diabetes, HIV, and psychiatry guides that provide authoritative, evidence-based information to help answer questions and make point-of-care decisions.

Microsoft OneNote

App . Free if you already use OneNote. In-App Purchases. OneNote costs more than $50 per year. Notetaking. Android, Apple, Windows. Phones, Tablets, Computers. At least Android 9.0. At least iOS 15.0. At least Windows 10.

Notebook. Sticky Notes.

Features / Uses

  • Type, draw, or speak your notes
  • Designed for mixing and matching different kinds of content
  • Designed for lengthy notes
  • Share content with others and co-edit content
  • May be familiar since it is built into Microsoft 365 suite at MCPHS
  • Supports several languages, including Arabic and Vietnamese
  • Microsoft has a whole section of their website dedicated to accessibility features in OneNote  
  • Can convert handwritten notes to typed notes


  • Parts of the service require internet access
  • Some features are not available on some devices
  • Several Android users have reported issues with syncing recently
  • People have reported that the Android version does not work well with the option to speak your notes.
  • Microsoft is such a big company that it might be overwhelming to find the answer to your question

Supports Available

  • Microsoft has extensive support pages for their products
  • Chat with support or contact Microsoft through other means for additional help

MICROMEDEX: mobileMicromedex


App. Free to MCPHS. Apple devices & Android Devices. mobileMicromedex provides drug information, including drug interactions, IV compatibility, drug identification, and drug comparison.

Remember, our license is for academic use only.  Micromedex should not be used for actual patient care.

To download the app for Apple or Android, visit Micromedex.

It is easiest to download the Micromedex app when you also have a desktop or laptop to use. You will need the password listed in the instructions on Micromedex's website. It is difficult to read that information on a mobile device.

  1. On your computer, enter your MCPHS credentials to log in to Micromedex website
  2. Click on the "Micromedex" box on the first page that pops up.
  3. Click on "Mobile Application Access" on the Micromedex website. (Upper right corner.)
  4. Click "Micromedex Native Mobile Apps."
  5. Scroll to the device you want.
  6. Follow the instructions (including the password) on Micromedex's website for downloading and using that app.

Problems downloading the app?  Contact Customer Support .

MindMapping - MindMeister

App . Free with in-app purchases. Personal subscription (under $10 per month) or pro subscription (under $15 per month) for unlimited mindmaps and extra features. Business subscription for additional features (under $20 per month). Discounts for students and educators. Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux. Phones, Tablets, Computers (via the browser). At least Android 5.0. At least iOS 15. At least Chrome 85. At least Firefox 78. At least Opera 73. At least Microsoft Edge 87. At least Safari 13. Notetaking.


Features / Uses

  • Up to 3 mindmaps in the free version. Will need to subscribe to add more mindmaps.
  • (Optional): Use a template to save time
  • Type ideas to add to your mindmap
  • Add links, images, videos, or files
  • Show relationships between different ideas (think critically about the content)
  • Import text files or files from some other mindmapping tools
  • Add colors and icons
  • Drag and drop parts of your mindmap to another part of the screen
  • Sync across devices
  • Collaborate with others on the same mindmap
  • Export as text in outline format
  • Export as PDF or image (personal subscription version)
  • Export files as Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint (Pro subscription version)
  • Print mindmaps (subscription versions)


  • Free version only allows 3 mindmaps
  • If you get a trial of the paid version, you have to cancel it at the end of the week. If you do not cancel it, they will assume you want to keep the paid version and will start charging you.
  • Requires internet access to sync
  • The vendor's website has a complicated structure. You may have trouble finding some of the support options.

Supports Available

  • Help Center on website
  • Help option in (subscription) app menu
  • Video tutorials on website
  • Training on website
  • FAQs on website
  • User community
  • Email the developer
  • Contact Us form (for sales) on website
  • Developer has been responsive to app reviews in Google Play and the App Store

NLM Products and Services

National Library of Medicine

This portal contains links to a variety of free NLM tools. Some of the tools use responsive design and will automatically adjust to fit your screen's size.

Select App from the filters menu and click search to get a list of mobile sites and downloadable apps. Some of NLM's databases do not appear in the list but may still work on your mobile device.

  • Drug Information Portal Mobile—provides names, usages, and structures for over 50,000 drugs as well as links to relevant sites, information on the top drug searches by name and category in the past week, and top prescriptions from 2010.

  • MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus en Español—easily look up medical information written for patients and consumers.

  • WISER— wireless app for emergency responders in hazardous material accidents . Available for Apple devices, Android Devices, and Windows devices.

Notebook - Notes, Journal

App . Free. In-app purchases. No in-app ads. Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux. Phones, Tablets, Computers. Android operating system varies by device. At least iOS 13. Notetaking.

Notebook. Checklists.

Features / Uses

  • Type, talk, or write / draw
  • Scan, paste, or attach images or documents
  • Rich text editor so you can format your text and add highlights, underlines, etc.
  • Add reminders
  • Stack sticky notes to organize into projects / themes
  • Move content from one note / document to another
  • Sort and shift notes around however you need
  • Search within notes - (at least on IOS, you can even search within the audio notes)
  • Collaborate with others. Only one person can edit at a time.
  • Can password-protect notes
  • Can use fingerprint to unlock notes
  • Data is encrypted during storage
  • Has a "Night Mode" option to reduce eyestrain
  • Supports several languages, including Arabic and Vietnamese


  • Features differ slightly from operating system to operating system

Supports Available

  • Zoho has an extensive support website
  • FAQs on website
  • Email Zoho Corporation
  • Developer is responsive to app reviews

Otter Voice Meeting Notes (for English)

App . Free base with in-app purchases. Additional features with a paid monthly (between $10 and $20, depending on operating system) or annual (between $90 and $100) PRO account. Additional features with a paid Small & Medium Business plan. Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux. Phones, Tablets, Computers (via the browser). At least Android 5.0. At least iOS 13. At least Chrome 67 (if accessing via the browser). At least Firefox 59 (if accessing via the browser). At least Safari 15 (if accessing vie the browser). At least Microsoft Edge 88 (if accessing via the browser). Notetaking.


Features / Uses

  • Transcribes up to 300 minutes per month with a max of 30 minutes at a time
  • Transcripts include punctuation and capitalization.
  • Transcripts do not include filler words
  • Identifies speakers (after you edit enough transcripts for it to recognize voices and match them with names)
  • Automatically identifies top highlights from the meeting
  • Automatically includes slides shared during the meeting
  • Highlight, edit, and copy notes. Can insert images and a limited number of pre-recorded videos and audio files.
  • Search by keyword
  • Share notes with others
  • Export as audio and text files. With PRO, can export as additional file types
  • Has a deleted items folder in case you delete something by accident. Files are only stored there temporarily.
  • integrates with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams
  • Designed for accessibility


  • Requires internet access
  • Requires either a built-in or an external microphone for your device
  • Does not work when you are using a headset
  • May need to disable sound cancelling tools on your device
  • Requires an account (free unless you want PRO features)
  • For two years in a row, the vendor has reduced how much a person can do.

Supports Available

  • "Help Center" on website
  • Contact form on website
  • Email the developer
  • Contact via several social media platforms
  • Developer responds to app reviews


American Pharmacists' Association Pharmacy Library

PharmacyLibrary's website automatically adjusts to fit your screen on all devices and provides an online reference library of pharmacy handbooks.

Use the library's link OR sign in with your personal account at:

2. Click "Sign into Your Personal Account / Register." 

3. Click "Create an online account."

4. Follow the prompts.

Plumb's Veterinary Drugs

Plumbs Veterinary DrugsYou will need a special username and password.

Mobile site. Free to MCPHS. All brands. All devices. Pharmacy.

This mobile site is the responsive online version of Plumb's Veterinary Drug Handbook, containing information about specific drugs' uses in treating animal diseases and conditions.

Read by QxMD

Read by QxMD logo

App & Mobile Site. Free. Mobile site for all brands, all devices. App for Apple devices and Android devices. Medicine.

Receive a newsfeed with articles on the topics you follow. Annotate articles. Create collections of articles you like. QxMD's website uses responsive design; it will automatically adjust to match your screen's size.

Sage Journals

Sage Journals

Mobile site. Free to MCPHS. All brands, all devices. General.

Read articles from journals in many disciplines. SAGE journal sites automatically adjusts to fit your screen size. The publisher uses responsive design.




Mobile Site of the Science Direct database, which includes book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles. Free to MCPHS. All brands. All devices. General.

This site uses responsive design for most content. Most of the page will automatically adjust to your screen size.

TRIP Database

Trip Database

Mobile site. Free. All brands. All devices. Medicine.

Evidence-based medicine database that offers extensive filtering options and estimates of bias level for each article. The site automatically adjusts to your screen's size. 

Unbound Medicine

Unbound Medicine

A variety of full-price mobile apps including a medical dictionary, drug guide, laboratory test reference, mobile DSM-V, and point-of-care recommendations.

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