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Apps and Mobile Sites: Other

Use the apps and sites listed here on your smartphone or your tablet. Choose by operating system (iOS, Android, etc), price, category, device (smartphone versus tablet), or format (native app or mobile site).

Disclaimers and Credits

iPad and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. 

The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License 

First Aid by American Red Cross

First Aid by American Red Cross

The American Red Cross app is available for Apple iPhone & Android devices and provides quick offline first aid information, including videos and step-by-step instructions.

IQ Polls

IQ Polls

This mobile site available for all brands and devices allows users to create interactive polls for up to 100 individuals on the free plan and embed those polls in presentations. The information you collect through a public poll may be viewable to other individuals (see the Privacy Policy for more details).


Johns Hopkins Guides

Johns Hopkins Medicine Poc-It Guides

This full-price app version of the John Hopkins guides is available for  Apple devices & Android devices. It may be used offline and offers antibiotic, diabetes, HIV, and psychiatry guides that provide authoritative, evidence-based information to help answer questions and make point-of-care decisions.

JoVE Science Education Databases

JoVE Science Education Database

Mobile Site. Free to MCPHS. All brands. All devices. General.

Watch video demonstrations in General Laboratory Techniques and Basic Cellular and Molecular Biology. 

Note: The following items are not available to MCPHS users: articles in JoVE (The Journal of Visualized Experiments); videos in Essentials of Biology 1: yeast, Drosophilia​, & C. elegans​;  videos in Essentials of Biology 2: Mouse, Zebrafish, and Chick; videos in Essentials of Neuroscience; videos in Essentials of Developmental Biology; and videos in Essentials of Behavioral Science.



These drug information apps for Apple devices & Android devices may be used offlline.  Academic/discount group rates are available to students.

  For more information, 1. login to

2. Click on Academic Discount (The blue button under "Help and Training Resources"). Students at MCPHS get special pricing, but still need to pay to use Lexicomp's apps.

3. Click on the link to the web store.

4. Select "Student or Resident" as your role..

5. Set your country and select your profession.

6. Confirm your choices.

7. Choose the product you want. The discounted price for each product will be listed next to it.

8. Choose how long you want to access that product.

9. Click "Add to Cart."

10. Follow the prompts.

11. Wolters Kluwer now requires documentation of your status as a student.

NLM Products and Services

National Library of Medicine

This portal contains links to a variety of free NLM tools. Some of the tools use responsive design and will automatically adjust to fit your screen's size.

Select App from the filters menu and click search to get a list of mobile sites and downloadable apps. Some of NLM's databases do not appear in the list but may still work on your mobile device.

  • Drug Information Portal Mobile—provides names, usages, and structures for over 50,000 drugs as well as links to relevant sites, information on the top drug searches by name and category in the past week, and top prescriptions from 2010.

  • MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus en Español—easily look up medical information written for patients and consumers.

  • WISER— wireless app for emergency responders in hazardous material accidents . Available for Apple devices, Android Devices, and Windows devices.

Prevention Task Force Mobile

Prevention TaskForce

App. Free. Apple devices & Android devices. Other.

This quick preventative care tool retrieves screening and risk assessment recommendations based on a few quick patient traits. You can also browse for specific topics. It may be used offline. From the U.S. Prevention Services Task Force, part of Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

Unbound Medicine

Unbound Medicine

A variety of full-price mobile apps including a medical dictionary, drug guide, laboratory test reference, mobile DSM-V, and point-of-care recommendations.

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