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Course Reserves: Fall 2023-Summer 2024

Welcome! Here you will find course books that the Library was able to purchase as e-books or in print.

Announcements and Alerts

The option to downloading an entire book to read it offline will not be available for some books on Sunday, March 10th. EBSCO is performing maintenance on their system between 1AM Eastern and roughly 2AM Eastern. You should still be able to read the book online or download a section of a book during that time. Books from other vendors will not be affected.

HSC.777-O Disaster Management (N. Detrana)

HSC.781-O Transformative Leadership (T. Pierce)

HSC.784-O Designing Curriculum (S. Freundlich)

HSC.786-O Assessment and Evaluation of Teaching & Learning (H. Ewing)

HSC.786-O2 Assessment and Evaluation of Teaching & Learning (S. Freundlich)

HSC.801.O1/O2 Intro to Doctoral Studies (L. Rainchuso, C. Mullikin)

HSC.815-O Healthcare Research Methods (D. Curtis, M. Nascarella)

HSC 821 Hlth & Wellness Acr. Lifespan (P. O'Shea)

HSC.827-O Workplace Professionalism & Ethics (N. Pawlyshyn)

HSC.833-O Disease: Population Impacts and Influences (M. Nascarella)

HSC 836 Innovative Healthcare Technology (C. Roberts-Santana)

HSC.849-O Evidence Based Practice (A.D. Lewis)

HSC 852-O/O2 Question Development and Literature Search (M. Nascarella, D. Richter, C. Langley))

HSC.854-O,O2 EBHC Capstone: Apprsl Evdnc (J. Parker; D. Richtner)

HSC.856-O,O2 Capstone EBHC: Dissemination of Findings (C. Langley, L. Rainchuso)

Ebook Accessibility

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