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Course Reserves: Fall 2022-Summer 2023

Welcome! Here you will find course books that the Library was able to purchase as e-books or in print.

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Happy Spring Semester!

PBH 250 Introduction to Public Health (D. Hawkins)

PBH.350-A Global Health (A. Ranade)

PBH.377-O Introduction to Maternal and Child Health: Populations, Programs, and Policies (C. Langley)

PBH.380O-O Aging, Place, & Health (K. Griffin)

PBH 420 Community Health (K. Griffin)

PBH.430-A Infectious Disease Epidemiology (A. Ranade)

PBH.701-A/O Survey of Public Health (F. Agudelo, M. Bastien)

PBH.705-A/O Introduction to Environmental Health Science (L. Tallon)

PBH.710-O Introduction to Health Policy and Management (Z. Dyer)

PBH 715 Introduction to Social & Behavioral Science (I. Krull, G. Crosley-Cocoran, F. Agudelo)

PBH.740-A/O Methods in Biostatistics and Epidemiology (V. Briggs))

PBH.750-A/O Community Health Science & Practice (C. Levy, V. Huot)

PBH.755-O Health Promotion & Education (S. Peterson)

PBH 760 Program Design & Evaluation (B. Hunter)

PBH.765-O/O2 Community Needs Assessment (B. Hunter, K. Levitt)

PBH.770-A,O Qualitative Research in Public Health (C. Levy; S. Ginzburg)

PBH.810-O Prin of Emergency Prep (L. Tallon)

PBH.820-O Genetics & Public Health (J. Hart)

PBH.825-O Public Health Law (S. Wolf-Fordham)

PBH 898 Culminating Experience (L. Tallon)

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