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Course Reserves: Fall 2023-Summer 2024

Welcome! Here you will find course books that the Library was able to purchase as e-books or in print.

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OTH.500-M/W Contemporary Theory in Occupational Therapy Practice (E. Rainville, D. Kontak)

OTH.505-W/M Clinical Reasoning in Occupational Therapy (M. Silvia;A. Bulter)

OTH 510 Practice Engagement: Mental Health (C. Dinan, D. Amerco)

OTH 511 Practice Engagement: Therapeutic Groups (S. Chevrefils; K. Shurtleff; D. Simmons; E. Rainville)

OTH.520-M/W Scholarship in Practice: Evidence-Based Practice (H. Robertson, M. Dowling)

OTH.525-W/M Practice Engagement: Environment and Technologies (M. Dowling; D. Amero)

OTH.530-W/M Motor Performance Across the Lifespan (M. Silvia, H. Robertson)

OTH.535-W/M Methodologies (D. Simmons; C. Dinan; E. Rainville)

OTH.540-M/W Practice Engagement: Assessment Fundamentals (A. Butler; C. Dinan)

OTH 600 Practice Engagement: Children and Adolescents (C. Dinan, H. Robertson)

OTH 605 Scholarship in Practice: Capstone (D. Simmons)

OTH.610-W/M Cognition and Vision (M. Dowling; A. Bulter)

OTH.615- W/M Sys of Prac: Adv Mgt & Prog Pl (M. Silvia; D. Amero)

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