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Course Reserves: Fall 2023-Summer 2024

Welcome! Here you will find course books that the Library was able to purchase as e-books or in print.

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NUR.201-BO/WO/MO Professional Practice (B. Lee; N. Myatt; D. McManus; others)

NUR.204-B/W/M Health and Wellness I (K. Britt; A. Galindo; C. Blais and others)

NUR.245-A Healthcare Participant I (F. Mataoui; L. Cross; L. Foote; D. Donahue; B. Laurent; A. Galindo

NUR.250O/AD Chemistry of Nutrition (B. Laurent, B. Frechette, Others))

NUR.301-A/W/M Professional Practice II (D. McManus, R. Crizer, K. Adams & others)

NUR.304-A/M/W Health and Wellness II (L. Cross, R. Crizer, K. Adams & others

NUR.322-A/W/M Health Participant I (J. Eichhorn; K. Britt; C. Carroca)

NUR.350-O Scholarly Inquiry (B. Laurent)

NUR.401O-WO Professional Practice III (B. Laurent)

NUR.404-A/W/M Health & Wellness III (E. Murphy-Swenson, C. Mombru, E. Hamilton, C. Blais, A. Galindo, M. Rosen)

NUR 410 Professional Role Development (C. Carroca)

NUR.501-O Professional Practice IV (E. Hamilton, J. Eichhorn, S. Desroches, C. Carroca)

NUR.504-A/W/M Health and Wellness IV (N. Myatt, B. Lee, C. Smith, E. Bush, G. Devivo)

NUR.552-B/W/M Health Participant III (C. Carroca; E. Bush; C. Smith; S. Desroches; J. Eichhorn)

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