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Course Reserves: Fall 2022-Summer 2023

Welcome! Here you will find course books that the Library was able to purchase as e-books or in print.

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Happy Spring Semester!

HCM.235-A Business Information Systems (S. McCord)

HCM.245-A Introduction to Healthcare Business (S. Madden)

HCM.300-A U.S. Healthcare Organization & Delivery (S. Zoulas; P. Baron)

HCM.318-A Leadership Development for Healthcare Managers (J. Goss)

HCM.352-O Quality Improvement (M. Corrado)

HCM.360-A Law & Compl for Healthcare Business (J. Goss)

HCM.701-O Introduction to Business Management (A. Cole, M. Spooner)

HCM.710-O1-O4 Health System: Policy and Management (J. Ball)

HCM.718-O-O4 Leadership in Healthcare Administration (R. McCoy)

HCM.730-O1-O7 Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt (J. Moon, J. Andree, J. Ball, A. Palearas-Batista)

HCM.738-O-O4 Revenue Cycle Management (R. Tennian, C. Speranzo)

HCM.740-O4/O5 Managing Teams, Performance, and Human Capital (M. Sheridan)

HCM.742-O Finance & Accounting for Health Care Organizations (R. Tannian)

HCM.750G-O Human Resource Management for Healthcare Execs (M. Sheridan)

HCM750H-O ST: Leadership HC Theory Pract (C. Mullikin)

HCM.750I-O ST: Ethics Healthcare Leaders (C. O'Rourke-Cipro, P. O'Shea)

HCM.752-O/O2 Quality Improvement in Healthcare (A. Williams)

HCM.760.O/O2/O3 Appl. Bus. Law & Ethical Pract (K. Keune)

HCM.763-O5/O6 Conflict, Crisis,& Comm (D. Fogarty)

HCM.770-O1-O2 Population Hlth & Risk Mgmt (A. Williams)

HCM.788-O Budgeting and Planning in Healthcare (K. Valaitis)

HCM.815-O Innov & Entrepreneurship HC (R. Schultz)

HCM.820-O1-O4 Informatics & Data Analysis (D. Fogarty, R. Schultz)

HCM.828-O Data Collection Analysis (M. Saber)

HCM.825-O Mnging & Del. Engaged Hlthcre (A. Williams)

HCM.845-O Informed Decision Making for Healthcare Executives (D. Curtis)

HCM.850-O/O2/O3 Healthcare Management Capstone (D. Rollins)

HCM.874-O Strategic Fin Mgt & Account (E. Parten)

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